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Complete System

Each element of the Harmony Wet-Cleaning System has been carefully designed to work together to form a seamless process for professional wet cleaning. Put in dry materials to be cleaned, and remove dry materials with the cycle is done! Dry-to-dry in one machine!

Environmentally Friendly

Cleaning solutions are derived from natural ingredients. No harmful chemicals are used and no hazardous waste is produced.

Efficient Process

Automated wash programs and dry-to-dry cycles save time, labor, and space.

Superior Results

Harmony Wet-Cleaning System removes soil and odors better than traditional dry cleaning. Clothes look, feel, and smell cleaner!

Possibilities for this machine abound:

  • Hotel Concierge Dry Cleaning: Hotels can easily add dry cleaning services for their guests without the hassle of environmental regulations surrounding most equipment capable of cleaning such delicate materials. Hotel operators can add high margin services for guests seeking work related clothing cleaned, increasing customer loyalty, margin, and convenience.
  • Dry Cleaners: Most dry cleaning establishments send their material elsewhere for cleaning, lowering margin, increasing time, and decreasing customer loyalty. Imagine if a dry cleaning operator could, without difficult regulation, process wool, leather, rayon, mouton, silk, and other dry cleaning materials fast, efficiently, and less expensively! Because through-put is so much faster, the dry cleaning operator can charge more for their services while enjoying a lower marginal cost per pound of material…adding up to better business!
  • Athletic Laundry Operators: Athletic uniforms can be made of some very sensitive materials. Often modern wet-cleaning materials can not remove field paint or sweat smell efficiently. At the same time, their reliance on mechanical action can degrade the uniforms quickly. The Harmony system fixes those issues, plus simplifies the washing process, by incorporating washing and drying in one machine! Imagine, wash and dry in one unit. Genius!


Additional Information

With the Harmony system, the treatment of delicate items such as wool, cashmere, silk, rayon, leather or linen becomes possible. The specific formula of the detergent allows you to literally coat the textile fibers to protect the items during the entire cleaning process. The automatic cycles of the system, mix the detergent with water before adding items, so that clothes are never exposed directly to harsh water or detergents alone.

By using biodegradable detergents, the Harmony cleaning system is environmentally friendly, avoiding the dangerous chemicals of dry cleaning such as perchlorethylene, hydrocarbons, D5 or K4. All products used by the Harmony system - NINJA WET, CLEAR SPOT and PRE NINJA - are made from natural ingredients and generate non-toxic waste that can be safely discharged to the sewer.